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“Special moments in life should be accentuated with a memorable taste”.

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Many great moments in life require a toast to something – a round birthday, a wedding or another formal ceremony marking milestones in life. Maybe just a quiet evening with your loved one at the beach or at the porch when the kids are asleep. That moment, that toast, should be accompanied by an equally memorable and elegant taste.

Welcome to Cava House – I am looking forward introducing you to the premium options and flavors!

– Carlos Neira, owner.

Only the best Cava

Cava, a sparkling wine made in the Champagne style thats from Spain.

I have been discovering and enjoying drinking good bobbly throughout my adult life and it has given me a great interest in good wines and premium cava.

I have travelled the world and also tasted many different types of cava. A good cava can be the perfect choice for a toast marking milestones or as a nice drink on a warm summer evening. But cava can also be the perfect companion for various dishes and snacks. My passion is to be able to find cava’s that has the perfect feel in your mouth and the right flavor.

“Life is about making memories”

Life is all about making memories and when we toast to celebrate, when we toast to achievements, milestones, or just the moment, it should always be accompanied with memorable flavors accompanying and enhancing those unforgettable moments.

We cater for your needs

a carefully selected range of some of the best cava

I would like to introduce you to a carefully selected range of some of the best cava on the market to be explored and enjoyed at yet reasonable prices. I have selected cava’s that will be the perfect choice for the “everyday celebration” and cava’s that will be your choice for your “once in a lifetime event”. They are gourmet products of a very high level and are recognized for their original presentation, exquisiteness and uniqueness.

Regardless your need, whether you need a single bottle to bring along for an event, if you need larger quantities to serve at your next event or if you would like a “tasting box” and try one of each – we cater for your needs.

Pere Ventura Tresor Rosé Brut

135,00 kr.

This cava fascinates for the intensity of its aromas, the array of subtle flavours on the palate, and the vibrancy and clarity of its hue.

TRESOR ROSÉ BRUT is the finest expression of the Trepat grape variety. Fresh and fruity, yet complex, evocative and generous. An original, distinctive and distinguished cava. You will be captivated by its unique character and endless red fruit aromas, coupled with a perfect balance of freshness and acidity.

Grape Variety

100% Trepat

Tasting Notes

Appearance: lovely bright pink tone with orange highlights. Its lively, continuous stream of beads rises like a rosary to create a perfect crown.

On the nose: clear cut and fragrant, an explosion of red fruit, wild strawberries, cherries and raspberries with some light notes from ageing.

On the palate: its freshness gives way to the soft taste of red fruit. TRESOR ROSÉ BRUT is elegant, lively, long on the palate. An irresistible taste.

Taste With

Cheerful, charming, attractive, TRESOR ROSÉ BRUT is an aperitif drink par excellence for any time of day or night.

It is the perfect match with chocolate, wild berries, creamy desserts, or tapas. The best parties start and end with this pink treasure.


Pere Ventura Tresor Reserva Brut

135,00 kr.

TRESOR RESERVA BRUT stands out for the fullness of its aromas and its superb elegance, the result of the perfect blend of creativity, modernity and tradition.

Vibrant, aromatic and refined, TRESOR RESERVA BRUT is a firm, full cava with well-balanced acidity. For some, it overflows with fresh and fruity exuberance; for others, it is complex, subtle and perfect for wine connoisseurs.

Grape Variety

40% Macabeu, 40% Xarel⋅lo, 20% Parellada

Tasting Notes

Appearance: very attractive pale straw hue, full of golden sparkle which culminates in a long-lasting, full crown. It has a bright, clear appearance with fine beads rising slowly and gracefully.

On the nose: surprisingly powerful aromas and freshness. Full, with fragrances evocative of apples and citrus fruit, tempered by subtle dried nut, cereal and toasty notes from ageing.

On the palate: full and firm, with a rainbow of flavours ranging from acacia blossom to notes of dried nuts and freshly baked pastries. Tresor shows an unparalleled balance of freshness and softness, along with a symphony of subtle flavours.

Deliciously refreshing, Tresor Reserva is great all year round, but perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Taste With

It is superb with fresh fish and pairs well with salads and pastas.

Good acidity for grilled seafood


Pere Ventura Vintage Rosé Gran Reserva Brut

289,00 kr.

PERE VENTURA VINTAGE ROSÉ breaks amongst cava tradition to cut a dash with its elegance and character. Produced with Pinot Noir and Brut type, it is a long-aged cava that sets a difference at a glance with its singular coppery red colour and high aromatic expression. Fresh, delicate and intense at taste, gives an array of complexity to the palate.

As its name indicates, it is a millessimé or vintage cava only produced in exceptional years when the best selected grapes answer to the highest quality standards.

Grape Variety

100% Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

Salmon coppery red coloured, clean and bright. Small fine bubbles perfectly integrated.

Very expressive in aromas: red fruits include raspberry, red berry and strawberry tree. Notes of fragrant herbs, spices, white pepper and yellow stone fruit.

On the palate it is fresh, delicate and elegant, fruity and flavourful with fine bead. Perfect balance of alcohol, acidity and bubbles.

Taste With

On its own, perfect for aperitif drinking, this cava is also superb with a daring dessert of dark chocolate and red fruits. Suitable with many meals, VINTAGE ROSÉ is a perfect match with fish of fatty meat. Combines also with pasta and salads.


Pere Ventura Vintage Gran Reserva Brut

289,00 kr.

Thoroughly modern, VINTAGE GRAN RESERVA BRUT is a balance of both the contemporary and the classical. This is a signature cava of International taste that unites the body and structure of the Xarel·lo with the floral and fruity qualities of the Chardonnay.

As its name indicates, it is a millessimé or vintage cava only produced in years when the best selected grapes answer to the highest quality standards (sanitary and organoleptic conditions) under the commitment to represent the Estate terroir’s identity and PERE VENTURA’s brand.

VINTAGE is an elegant and creamy gastronomic cava, full-bodied and lasting, of rich expression and exquisite character.

Grape Variety

60% Xarel·lo, 40% Chardonnay

Tasting Notes

Straw colored hue with golden highlights, packed with tiny, fine beads rising like a rosary to form a crown on the surface. Surprisingly powerful on the nose, expressive aromas of yellow flowers, combined with aniseed- infused herbaceous notes such as fennel, characteristic of the Xarel·lo grape variety.

Creamy on the palate, lingering and intense with buttery overtones of butterscotch and a bitter almond finish. This cava’s creamy, velvety texture is without a doubt very beguiling. Very elegant, showing a perfect Integration of acidity, carbonic and alcohol.

Taste With

VINTAGE is best appreciated with refined foods. Savour it with seafood, either grilled or in a light sauce, are a star combination. It will make a splendid accompaniment to white meats or poultry.


Pere Ventura Gran Vintage Paraje – with Gift Box

539,00 kr.

PERE VENTURA GRAN VINTAGE PARAJE is a cava that tells of the place it comes from, a small area of vineyards qualified after their special soil conditions and a microclimate that sets them apart from the rest of the vines grown around them.

GRAN VINTAGE has obtained the highest quality distinction for premium cavas in DO Cava (category “Cava de Paraje Calificado”), based on the singularity of its landscape of origin and the high standards of the production process. The identity of this cava
comes from its origin, the series of variables (climate, geology, soil and biome) that determine the expression of the grapes and yield a unique must that is the reflection and interpretation of that vintage.

The uniqueness of the terroir, together with quality criteria of its production and ageing, create a cava with distinctive characteristics. It also draws value added and identity from its history
and the age of the soil.

As it names singles out, GRAN VINTAGE is a vintage cava representing the lifecycle of the vines one particular year. Iconic, elegant and of distinguished character, its production is limited, and it is only made when the grapes are of the highest sensory quality and health, maintaining the highest standards of quality set for this product.

Grape Variety

50% Macabeu, 50% Xarel·lo

Tasting Notes

Bright gold with amber flecks. It has a very fine bubble that forms slow, persistent rosaries, indicative of its long ageing and perfect integration of the carbonic acid.

The aromatic elegance is clear on the nose: clean, fruity, citrus notes and hints of fresh almonds and walnuts.

Highlights includes its freshness, vinosity and elegance in the mouth; it has a rich, generous yet delicate bouquet and very good acidity. It is creamy and full, with notes of fresh fruit, lemon cream, tinned pears, maple syrup and pastries. This cava has an intense taste and velvety mouthfeel from the perfect balance of acidity and bubbles.

Taste With

On its own or accompanying unforgettable moments, GRAN VINTAGE is a top pairing with the most delicate, refined cuisine. Its complex palate and nice balance acidity make it a perfect pairing of succulent meat and fish. Try it also with scallops or duck.



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