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Pere Ventura Family Wine Estates (PVFWE).

The roots of Pere Ventura’s family tree are entwined with the history of Spanish sparkling wine.

In 1872, Manuel Montserrat Font, Ventura’s great-grandfather, laid the groundwork for his offspring by initiating cava production in the Penedès region of Catalonia. Meanwhile, Josep Raventós, Ventura’s grandfather, is credited with producing Spain’s first ‘Traditional Method’ cava.

Raventós accumulated knowledge of the wine industry while working at the house of Champagne Mercier in Épernay, Dijon. After the Civil War drew to a close, Raventós carried the jewels of knowledge of champagne-making methods back to his homeland.

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PERE VENTURA was created in 1992 and became known as the foundation stone for PVFWE.

Pere Ventura is the founder of this winery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona), which takes his name and makes sparkling wines under the auspices of DO Cava. It is one of the most exclusive companies in the wine sector, synonym of elegance, style and prestige.

The PERE VENTURA brand is original and unique. It portrays an inimitable image, which speaks for itself in terms of the product and values which have inspired it: quality, elegance, distinction and prestige.


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